Honk if You Like Snow Geese!

Snow geese flock to field in Lower Macungie Township, causing those in passing vehicles to pull over and gawk.

Simply put, they were car-stoppers.

A major gaggle of unapologetic snow geese kept coming and coming and coming late Thursday afternoon to create quite a spectacle in a Lower Macungie Township field.

It was like the scene out of Hitchcock's "The Birds," only more controlled and totally uninterested -- fortunately -- in attacking humans. Cars alone were the victims of the sheer number of geese. Area car washes will benefit.

Many probably heard and then could see a sizable flock overhead in the Trexlertown area. Anyone who cared to further investigate or continued home in the area of Mill Creek, Spring Creek or Lower Macungie roads found an even more astounding scene as the countless number of birds had settled in a cut cornfield between the Lehigh Center and the Lower Macungie Middle School.

Vehicles were pulled to the roads' shoulders so occupants could take a gander.


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