PHOTOS: Harvest of a 'Good Year'

Farmer Dan Hunsicker of Lower Macungie Township shares the view from the cab of his combine.

It's harvest time in the East.

Pass any cornfield within the Lower Macungie Patch and it is either leveled and picked clean or the standing brown stalks are waiting to be cut and harvested.

Would his crop be knee high by the Fourth of July? If so, would the rest of the summer's weather bring a healthy yield? Or, would the conclusion be that this year was too dry, too wet or too hot?

Those questions have all been answered for Dan Hunsicker of Hilltop Road in Lower Macungie Township. For Dan, who says he is one of two farmers who work the majority of the fields in Lower Macungie, this was a good year.

Dan takes us on a ride on a recent Saturday and another day at twilight to show us some of what farming is all about.

If you think you know how corn gets from the stalk to being shelled, another look at what technology has done. If you never knew the process, prepare to be amazed.

Either way, let's ride along.

Ann October 17, 2012 at 10:26 AM
Thank you for a really neat photo journey! Lets hope that there will be many years in the future during which you can ride along and have a farmer's experience, even if only for a day.


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