Seidenberger: No One is 'Dumbing Down' East Penn Education

East Penn Superintendent of Schools Thomas L. Seidenberger told the school board at Monday night's meeting about a unique Emmaus High School project that demonstrates the strength of an East Penn education.

A new ticket booth was delivered to Memorial Field at Emmaus High School last Friday.
A new ticket booth was delivered to Memorial Field at Emmaus High School last Friday.
Emmaus High School has a new ticket booth, courtesy of architecture students and their teacher and East Penn Superintendent of Schools Thomas L. Seidenberger in praising the project, says the booth shows that no one is "dumbing down" education in East Penn.

"Friday was another one of those days when you are proud to be a superintendent," Seidenberger told the East Penn School Board at Monday night's meeting.

The reason for his satisfaction, he said, is because Friday was the day that the new ticket booth was set up on Memorial Field. 

And, Seidenberger explained, this is not just any ticket booth -- it's a ticket booth built by Emmaus High School teacher Scott Didra and his architecture students in the court yard of the high school as part of a year-long project during the 2012-2013 year.

"You may have noticed that there was another strange building being constructed," Seidenberger said, referring to the playhouse created for the Child Development students by previous classes. "It was an exercise of physics to figure out how to move that building. You really need to go look at it.

"God knows we needed a ticket booth out there. It is more than a hut, take a look at it and I think you will be pleasantly surprised," he said.

Down the road, Seidenberger said, there will be an official dedication of the ticket booth and the students who were involved with the project and since graduated from the high school will be invited back. 

"It's all student design," Seidenberger said. "Scott lends expertise, but it is designed and carried out by students. It is just touching as a superintendent to see a labor of love from a teacher and his students."

And, Seidenberger also offered a sneak peek into what Didra and his students have up their sleeves next --  "The kids are talking about building a new press box for the football stadium," he said, emphasizing that the district will work with the borough of Emmaus every step of the way to make sure such a project would be up to code.

"I don’t think anyone can say we are dumbing down education in this district," he said.

Peter Schutzler September 13, 2013 at 09:38 AM
Scott Didra has been a fabulous teacher for many years. He and Chris Kollar, another teacher in East Penn cut from the same cloth, inspired my daughter who is very successful today! This really is a perfect example of what a great teacher can do in leading students to do much more than they ever thought possible.
Ron Beitler September 13, 2013 at 10:35 AM
Really neat project. Great job by those students.
Robert Sentner September 13, 2013 at 11:47 AM
we need a like button
Erin Urffer September 15, 2013 at 10:00 PM
This ticket booth project was the highlight of my senior year. I am so glad to say I had a part in its design and creation, not only did it provide the school with a needed ticket booth, but it built the confidence of the students as well. Years from now that booth will still stand, and my fellow Architecture students and I can say "we made this with our own hands." None of this wouldn't have been possible without Mr. Didra, who is one of the best teacher's out there, as well as my fellow classmates who worked together creating this wonderful addition to the EHS Architecture course legacy.


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