Spring Creek Bridge is Open But Church Lane to Remain Closed

Recently discovered safety concerns keep Church Lane bridge closed, engineer says.

The Spring Creek Road Bridge is open making travel between the southwestern corner of Lower Macungie Township and schools and shopping hubs much easier.

The bridge opened on Dec. 28, before the end of the year, as promised.

However, the Church Lane bridge, which was closed to avoid wear and tear while Spring Creek was under construction, will remain closed indefinitely, according to Lower Macungie Township Engineer William Erdman.

Erdman announced at the Board of Commissioners meeting Thursday that he recently received word from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation that after a third-party inspection was performed on Dec. 20, the township has been directed to keep the bridge closed.

"We don't have details yet," Erdman said, "But it's something compelling. They have concerns and said the bridge should not be reopened."

The report detailing PennDOT's concerns will be made public once Erdman receives it, he said.

Sheriffchris January 04, 2013 at 02:37 PM
Thsi is so typical of a town miss- managed. They closed the bridge in order to save wear and tear...being closed to traffic for about a year now.....and now after a year closed they now say it is unsafe....how could they ever be thought of as credible ? If it was not so serious it would be a great joke !!!!
Michael D Siegel January 04, 2013 at 04:15 PM
This better be a frickin good reason because the township has had over year to do a third party inspection and they wait until Dec 20 to tell us? This is bullsheit. A formal investigation must be conducted right now why they sat on this for over a year. Heads shall roll because whatever the reason the township has lost out millions of dollars again. They could have made Giant replace this bridge during the redevelopment of the Trexlertown shopping center and now the township is forced to close a major north south arterial road and come with the coffers to replace this bridge. Why is PADOT doing a third party inspection? Is the railroad paying for the new bridge? I want answers now LMT Commissioners. There is ABSOLUTLEY NO REASON the west end residents of the township have to suffer any longer. I will be supporting Ron Beitler and other candidates who support the creation of wards by petioning to the Lehigh County court for the November election. I am tired of this crap and its time the commissioners wake up to the mismanagement of the responsibility for the maintenance of our road infrastructure before Jaindls property on the west end of the township are developed
Janet Persing January 04, 2013 at 09:52 PM
Which town are you talking about? And which bridge are you talking about? And what is your point? Take your insipid comment, which means it has no sense and brings nothing to the discussion. And try to bring a new comment in. In the meantime, Get a Life, PLEASE. Let's get a life, please. Miss-managed? Do you know how to spell?
LMTnative January 04, 2013 at 10:46 PM
Mike you reiterated a point that I've been stating for years. The township should have equal representation from each of it's wards. Traditionally LMT has been ruled by a few good old boys from the same old neighborhoods with little to no regard for the western half of the township which has been overdeveloped. It's time for the township to be broken down into 5 or 7 wards with one commissioner from each.


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