Stump Grinders Coming Soon to Lower Mac

PPL says its contractors will begin grinding stumps—if they haven't already—left from recent clear cutting.

Tree stumps that remain from the recent "vegetation management" project carried out by contractors for PPL Corp. will be ground by contractors who will be coming to the township soon.

Some confusion has been circulating through the township, however, as residents have wondered on Lower Macungie Patch's Facebook page whether they have to call PPL to set up an appointment to have stumps ground.

No, says PPL spokesman Paul Wirth.

"PPL will grind all stumps on residential properties. The work has already begun and will continue until it is finished.

"There is no need for anyone to call to get their stumps ground," Wirth said.

PPL contractors recently removed dozens of trees from properties throughout Lower Macungie township in an effort to prevent storm-fallen trees from cutting off power to homes.


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