11 Dead Puppies Found Near a Lower Macungie Park

The following information was supplied by state police at Fogelsville.

Update Nov. 27: The 11 small animals found dead and skinned near Lower Macungie's Quarry Park have now been tentatively identified as foxes because of their teeth. Further testing is needed to be sure.


Eleven puppies were found dead, some partially inside a plastic bag, off Quarry Road near a Lower Macungie Park.

State police at Fogelsville said the puppies were found about 4 p.m. Friday, Nov. 23, by someone reporting suspected animal abuse.

Police said the dead puppies were on the side of the road, their fur removed.

Quarry Park is located off Quarry Road.

The Morning Call reported earlier this month that a dog had been found on the side of Route 863 in Lynn Township and that it appeared to have been skinned and cooked. State police are investigating.

Anyone with information is asked to call state police at 610-395-1438.

Stevie B. November 24, 2012 at 04:31 PM
SICK BASTARDS !!! Rightful punishment for this/these individual(s) [once caught, that is] should be EXACTLY as these poor innocent puppies were treated !!! Put this/these idots in a plastic bag, their "fur" [skin] removed. I am NOT one to take justice or the law into myh "own hands" -- Just mearly a heart-felt, saddened response, that is all -- It's in GOD's HANDS now and JUSTICE SHALL PREVAIL !!! 'nuff said.
Ron Beitler November 24, 2012 at 04:44 PM
janis atkins November 24, 2012 at 05:15 PM
I just do not understand how anyone could do such a horrible thing !
Cherie Grandizio November 24, 2012 at 06:58 PM
Totally agree with you Stevie, these are sick, depraved, psychopaths that need to be institutionalized. We all know by now that young people that torture animals only progress to torturing & murdering people. They have no conscience now, they will never develop one, & they are an incalculable danger to society. Lock them up now & throw away the key........already beyond any possible interventionable help. No one can put into the brain what was never there - in this case, empathy, sympathy, conscience. Horror of horrors that such monsters exist in this area, that they exist at all, anywhere. Don't wait for God to mete out justice - how many other animals & people will suffer at the hands of these monsters before they themselves are taken down? Get them now & never let them see the light of day again.
David November 24, 2012 at 07:07 PM
Another good argument for the death penalty. If these people can not respect life, than they should at least be sterilized!
Darryl November 24, 2012 at 08:40 PM
Cherie Grandizio, while I agree with your general comments, I do question how you have determined it is young people who committed this terrible crime? I did not read that young people were mentioned as suspects in the article. Why do oyu assume that it is young people?
angela Wachter November 24, 2012 at 08:46 PM
Who can do that to innocent defenseless animals.People that do that should be prosecuted , jailed and in this case receive the death penalty. No respect for life. This sickens me!!!!
angela Wachter November 24, 2012 at 08:47 PM
Young or old they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent!!!
Kathryn Gress November 24, 2012 at 09:25 PM
Find the person, and young or old and prosecute to the law...and then put them in jail, and the people in jail will do the rest..
Donna Kohls November 24, 2012 at 10:42 PM
I'm disgusted by such sick individuals ~ I hope their caught and prosecuted to the harshest punishment.
Michele K November 24, 2012 at 11:18 PM
I don't think it mattered so much the age - although usually, the development meets Cherie's timeline. Often by the time a sociopath is an adult he's moved on to hurting other people, not just animals. That said, I don't care how old, who, what, where, etc. Normally I believe in rehabilitation - but there's no way to rehabilitate a sociopath. I do hope they are locked up and soon.
Woody Hieter November 25, 2012 at 01:14 AM
what is wrong with people, the punishment for something like this is not strong enough. the person who does this is a heartbeat away from being a killer of humans
Ronald Weaver November 25, 2012 at 02:28 PM
Decline in morality in our society, accept this fact or not. It is what it is, probably things are not going to get better soon, more and more people in Government lie and deceive, setting a bad examples. You may wonder how these things relate, it creates bad attitudes, practices and disrespect. Look around you there are signs everywhere, this disgusting news is a terrible example. Thank God that most people respond to this action with disgust and want revenge by bringing those involved to justice.
Janet Kerschner November 25, 2012 at 08:12 PM
It is so hard to imagine what those puppies went through. But then, remember what babies go through when they are aborted and ripped out of their mothers, cause they "don't" want them....sick world
Vicki Grim November 26, 2012 at 05:35 PM
Vicki Grim November 26, 2012 at 05:36 PM
BRENDA KELLY November 26, 2012 at 08:59 PM
Carl Stevenson November 27, 2012 at 01:57 PM
Nov 27 update indicates the carcasses were probably foxes. Sounds like maybe a trapper tossed them after harvesting the furs. Shouldn't dump them by the road, but it's also possible some critter dragged them out of a trash bin. Why are so many people ready to lynch someone before the facts are known?
Carl Stevenson November 27, 2012 at 11:03 PM
Taking foxes is legal, but you can't reason with PETA wackos, tree-huggers, and fanatical vegans. To them, animals are, perversely, more important than people and it makes them "feel good about themselves" to be "better" than us "barbarians" who engage in such "primitive" activities as raising farm animals for food, hunting, and eating meat. They are (choose to be) ignorant of the facts surrounding animal husbandry or wildlife management. They ignore the fact that hunters spend billions of dollars every year on wildlife conservation and are the primary means of support for the overwhelming majority of conservation efforts, government and private. Wildlife control is necessary for the good of both humans and the wildlife. WIthout sufficient natural enemies, without hunting/trapping, most species will overpopulate to the point where there will be a huge die-off due to starvation and/or disease. Most of those folks won't "get it" unless/until their pets start disappearing and/or their children are bitten (or worse) by foxes, coyotes, etc. Foxes, coyotes, skunks, groundhogs, cats, and bats are rabies vector species ... and the series of shots required if bitten or scratched by one is NOT pleasant and is very expensive, but necessary since rabies is virtually 100% fatal once contracted. Rabies also spreads more readily when the vector species populations get too large because of insufficient controls, adversely affecting the animal population as well as the human population.
John Shoaf January 16, 2013 at 11:08 PM
Yep! skinning baby foxes proves that you are a real man. Whether they were foxes or dogs or whatever, they were still innocent and didn't deserve what you "brave, manly hunters" did. Maybe if you just stay the hell out of their areas and leave them alone, you won't have to fear them. But walking thru the woods with your 30 cal. makes you a real tough guy.


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