Body Found in Florida ID'd as Naked Man on Record Player

Erik Jenkinson, found dead in Key West recently, was arrested in Upper Mac last fall.

A body found floating in the water off Key West three weeks ago has been identified as that of a missing Concord, MA, man.

According to press reports in Florida, authorities identified Erik D. Jenkinson, 28, of Concord, by matching fingerprints taken from the body with arrest records from Pennsylvania. Jenkinson’s body was reportedly found off Ballast Key on Sept. 3, just a few days after a badly burned pickup truck was found on Calle Dos on Rockland Key, where it appeared to have crashed into a wooded area.

Jenkinson was arrested in nearby Upper Macungie Township last November after he disrobed and stood in the center of the median along Interstate 78 in Upper Macungie Township, then fled the scene.

According to Keysnet.com, investigators began connecting the dots after a towing company found a partially burned piece of the vehicle’s registration and sent a letter to the listed address. After receiving that letter, Jenkinson’s family called Floridian deputies and said their son, who had a history of erratic behavior, had been missing for a few weeks, the Miami Herald reported.

The family’s description of their son was similar to the body, and detectives later confirmed the identity after matching fingerprints from Jenkinson's arrest last November in Upper Macungie Township.

It’s unclear how Jenkinson ended up in the water off Ballast Key, and an autopsy showed no signs of foul play, Keysnet.com reported.  


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