In Memory of Former Emmaus Police Chief Frank J. Taylor

Emmaus Police Chief David A. Faust reflects on the accomplishments of former Emmaus Police Chief Frank J. Taylor.

Editor's Note: The following tribute to former Emmaus Police Chief Frank J. Taylor was written by Emmaus Police .

The is remembering the many accomplishments of former Emmaus Police Chief Frank J. Taylor. Chief Taylor entered eternal peace on Sunday, July 15, 2012. Chief Taylor served as a member of the Emmaus Police Department from 1972 until 1998 having served the Emmaus Community with dignity, honor and distinction for more than 26 years. He served as a patrol officer for seven years until he was promoted to the rank of corporal. In 1979, Frank was assigned as a criminal investigator in the detective’s office and served in that role for nearly eight years. He was promoted to the rank of sergeant in 1980. Frank was appointed chief of police of the Emmaus Police Department in 1986. He served as police chief for 12 years until his retirement in 1998.

For all who knew him, Frank was a leader, a visionary and one of the finest criminal investigators in law enforcement. Throughout his career, he was involved with numerous high profile cases, investigations and arrests. He earned dozens of letters of commendation throughout his career.

Although Frank's accomplishments are too many to list here; the following are some highlights:

  • 1972 - Allentown Police Academy, 11th recruit training class
  • 1974 - Established the Emmaus Police Department pistol shooting team
  • 1975 - Trained all auxiliary police officers
  • 1976 - Outstanding Young Law Enforcement Officer (Jaycees)
  • 1976 - National Rifle Association firearms instructor
  • 1982 - Supervised the construction of the Emmaus Police Department indoor pistol range
  • 1982 - Allentown Police Academy Criminal Investigators School graduate
  • 1986 - Appointed to Chief of Police
  • 1987 - Established Emmaus Police Department policy and rules manual
  • 1988 - Established first computer system and records management in the department
  • 1989 - Established first K-9 unit in the department
  • 1990 - Developed and designed new uniforms and emblems for the Emmaus Police Department
  • 1991 - Converted weapon systems from revolver to semi-automatic
  • 1994 - Established chain of command and rank structure
  • 1995 - Graduate: FBI National Academy, 183rd session
  • 1995 - One of the first law enforcement agencies in the region to obtain in-car video/audio camera systems 

All of us wish Frank's family and friend's to know and understand that Frank was truly appreciated, respected and loved by so many. All of us are deeply saddened having lost a mentor and one of our own. Frank was more than a colleague, a boss, or a coworker; he was a true friend. Frank was loved by so many and lead the Emmaus Department into the 21st Century and prepared the department for success for years and generations to come. He set the stage for the department to be successful and we hope he is proud!         

Frank had a passion for law enforcement. If you were a bad guy, you didn't want Frank investigating you. He was relentless! Frank was the kind of Investigator who didn't rest until he found an answer. One of my fondest memories of Chief Taylor occurred when our K9 "Hanko" had a medical emergency and went down one evening with internal bleeding. In the middle of the night that same evening, I received an emergency call from the Veterinary Hospital requesting a decision on whether or not to put Hanko to rest. I contacted Chief Taylor and I remember our conversation vividly. He said: "if that dog is breathing on his own, you tell them to do whatever they can for him. You tell them that's my decision not yours or anyone else's." Not only did Hanko survive for 5 more years following that emergency, he was back to work within a month! Frank had that kind of presence with difficult decisions and he never waivered.

I can't thank Frank enough for everything he has done for me personally as well as the Emmaus Police Department in particular. He truly will be missed by all of us. Frank, we know you will be watching over us!

Craig Neely August 07, 2012 at 12:34 PM
I agree with Dave that Frank Taylor led the Department into the 21st Century and that he set the stage for the Department to be successful. Thankfully for Emmaus, it had an officer in its ranks that would take advantage of the progress that Frank spearheaded, and lead the Department to become a state of the art, progressive Department of which Emmaus should be extremely proud--David Faust. Though Frank can be credited with setting the stage, Dave has devoted his career and reputation to making the Emmaus Police Department the envy of many others in the Lehigh Valley. Having seen his leadership inside borough government and from the public's perspective, I can attest that Dave Faust is one of those special people who has quietly secured a quality of life in Emmaus that is unparalleled in the Lehigh Valley.


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