Lock Those Vehicles in Lower Macungie

The following arrest information was supplied by the Pennsylvania State Police at Fogelsville. It does not indicate a conviction

Break-ins continue in the Lower Macungie area, mostly involving cars with open door , as evidenced by the most recent incident reports released by

Three Aster Road residents reported break-ins to their unlocked vehicles overnight June 8, police said. Melissa Marlene Silva of 1892 Aster Road and Michelle Reichard-Huff of 1868 Aster Road said personal information and a GPS were taken, worth a total of $110. A GPS and Canon Rebel digital camera were taken from the address of 1876 Aster Road. No value was given.

For a change of pace, another thief decided to take the whole vehicle instead of settling for its contents. Donna Miller of 5279 Indian Creek Road reported that someone drove a vehicle onto her property, hooked up her 18-foot enclosed trailer and drove it away between 10 p.m. June 2 and 3 p.m. June 3, police said. No value or further description of the trailer was given.

Friends for Protection LMT June 14, 2011 at 03:30 AM
700 potential new homes on 50 acres (this is city density folks!) on what is now farmland. We have a nice arrangement now where we "rent" state police coverage. If this potential new development is allowed to happen we WILL need a police station, in addition to a second fire station. Lower Macungie Township has a pleasant rural vibe to it now. (along with ZERO property taxes) But as evidenced by the facts in this article "break-ins continue in Lower Macungie" that pleasant tone is changing as a result of sprawling growth and a lack of police services. What kind of Lower Macungie Township do you want to live in? We're at a crossroads over the next 5 years. We reign in the sprawl and remain what we are, or we fundamentally change forever. We're on a course that sacrifices the rural tone of our community for the benefit of 1 wealthy landowner while bringing on the inevitable tax burden, infrastructure and of course crime of an area that is taking on the population of a city without the infrastructure of a city. www.facebook.com/friendslmt


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