Macungie Councilman Pleads Guilty, Pays Fine

Linn Walker apologizes at hearing Monday in Lehigh County Court.

Macungie Borough Council member Linn Walker apologized Monday in Lehigh County Court as he pleaded guilty for an incident that occurred in early August. 

According to a story in The Morning Call, Walker vowed never again to urinate publicly.

He also agreed to pay a fine of $150, it said.

A charge of open lewdness was dropped through a plea agreement with the Lehigh County District Attorney's office, and an additional charge of public drunkenness also was dropped, it said.

Macungie Police were called to Walker's Walnut Street home in early August after neighbors claimed he repeatedly urinated outdoors and in front of young children.

Walker said he would resign from Macungie Council, but recanted after he said he was told by other council members he did not have to resign.


Dave October 31, 2012 at 01:42 PM
I thought he didn't do it? Am I incorrect or didn't he throw a fit claiming some disorder caused this to happen? So why did he plead guilty? Why didn'r he fight this if he was so innocent? Now he'll pay his fine and pretend like it never happened and he'll stay on council. Just another lying council a$$hole (my opinion)that brings embarrassment to the town of Macungie.


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