Police: Appearing Drunk, Passenger Gives False ID

He claimed to be someone else, but aroused police suspicion because they said he appeared to be intoxicated.

One way or another, an Allentown man was going to be in trouble following a recent traffic stop in Lower Macungie Township.

Nico Santiago, 22, was the passenger in a car stopped at 1:05 a.m. Sept. 2, according to . Police said the car was stopped for a traffic violation northbound on Route 100 north of Spring Creek Road.

Police said the passenger, Santiago, appeared to be intoxicated when they asked for his identification. A quick-thinking Santiago gave police information that he was under 21. However, quick isn't always better as Santiago still would have been in trouble for underage drinking.

Police said they were unable to verify Santiago's information and transported him to the barracks for further checks. There, they learned that Santiago had given them a false ideintification. As such, he was not charged with underage drinking but with providing false identification to law enforcement. He was being held in Lehigh County Prison under $5,000 bail.

A check of court records suggests why police say Santiago gave them false identification. Santiago's records show prior charges including driving an unregistered vehicle, failing to obey traffic control devices, driving with a suspended license and driving under the influence.


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