Road Rage Incident Ends in Lower Macungie

Driver is unhurt, police say, but men entered his car and took laptop and gym bag.

An incident classified as road rage by state police ended Aug. 1 on a Lower Macungie roadway with a burglary but no violence.

said four people in a black Nissan sedan began following a 30-year-old driver at Route 22 near Airport Road in Hanover Township, Lehigh County. The reason for the one car following the other wasn't given, but police termed the incident road rage.

The Nissan followed the Subaru driven by the other man for several miles to a traffic light at Route 222 and S. Krocks Road in Lower Macungie, police said. Two of the men in the Nissan approached the Subaru when the victim stopped for a red light. The Subaru driver locked his driver's side doors, but failed to lock the passenger's side doors.

An occupant of the Nissan entered the rear passenger's side door of the Subaru and took a laptop computer and black gym bag, police said. The gym bag contained clothes and an iPod. The two men returned to the Nissan, which drove southbound on Route 222.

The Subaru driver was not reported hurt, and police did not provide a value of the stolen items.


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