Toilet Stolen in Lower Mac

Burglar also steals $1,000 in copper piping, police say.

No sense asking what thieves will steal next. Here it is: a toilet.

In these tough economic times, copper downspouts and wiring, and scrap metal of any kind have become frequent targets of thieves looking to make a quick buck from their resale.

That appears to have been the case again in a recent Lower Macungie burglary in which $1,000 in copper piping was stolen from a home at 4620 Hamilton Blvd., according to state police at Fogelsville. Of late, that's not so unusual.

Entry was forced and one or more thieves apparently made their way to the lower level to set to work. Here again, not so unusual.

However, what might raise an eyebrow was the additional theft of a toilet. No mention of its value.

The burglary was reported by Dana Allen Joseph and is believed to have happened between March 8 and 15, police said.


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