Developer Seeks to Build 2 Huge Warehouses Near Air Products

Company wants to construct two 1 million-square-foot warehouses at Mill Creek Road between Hamilton Boulevard and Route 222 Bypass.

A commercial real estate company is proposing to build two 1 million square-foot warehouses – each the size of the – to the east of Air Products and Chemicals between Hamilton Boulevard and the Route 222 Bypass.

Though most of the construction is planned for Upper Macungie Township, some will be in Lower Macungie.

Liberty Property Trust, one of the nation’s largest commercial real estate companies with an office in Bethlehem, wants to combine eight tracts of land, including some owned by Air Products, into three separate lots totaling 436 acres. Liberty Properties will own 200 acres of that which it would develop for the two warehouses, according to Liberty. Air Products will keep 236 acres, which includes their existing campus.

The land, behind Aldi food market at Hamilton and Mill Creek, spans Lower Macungie and Upper Macungie and abuts Cetronia Road.

Bill Bumber, Liberty senior project manager, told the Upper Macungie Township Planning Commission Wednesday night that the company has no tenants lined up for the warehouses. The land is zoned light industrial.

“Air Products realizes how sensitive a project like this would be to the community,” Bumber said.

Upper Macungie planners had doubts about the project. 

“I think the biggest concern is going to be traffic impact on that stretch of road,” said Planning Commission Chairman David Etowski. “In my experience there is significant traffic problems today.”

Etowski asked if each warehouse that size might generate 500 trucks a day. 

Bumber said that estimate sounded high. Liberty’s engineer, Kevin P. Markell, head of civil engineering for Barry Isett & Associates, said the firm would be doing a traffic study outside similar size warehouses to see how much traffic they generate. 

Liberty is proposing to build a private road off of Mill Creek Road which would probably require a traffic signal, Bumber said.

Martin Velazquez, a former Allentown City Councilman, said he was concerned about how the development might affect his church, Trinity Wesleyan Church at 6735 Cetronia Road.

Planning Commission member Paul McNemar told Velazquez that there will several occasions where neighbors of the property can make their concerns known.

“This is the first of many, many hearings they will be here for,” McNemar said.

Ron Beitler June 21, 2012 at 07:46 PM
And ask questions every step of the way. Ask officials and staff to talk to you in laymans terms. It's very easy to get lost in Engineer and planner jargon. Remember, you deserve answers and you have rights just like the developers do! Developers have their rights but they don't trump your rights as a member of the community and neighbor of a project.
Ron Beitler June 21, 2012 at 07:54 PM
And for LMT we need to know what the affect on our roads (222) will be. Eventhough this is almost completely in UMT, will trucks be using primarily 222? If so will this result in more "bleeding" of trucks onto our local roads? We already have this issue with the warehouses off Rt.100. Trucks here are supposed to take Rt. 100 to the 78 interchange. However, as we see daily already they take local roads and cut through the township to get to Rt. 22 in Dorneyville. This is ALREADY an issue with no good solutions being presented, just band-aids.
Michael D Siegel June 21, 2012 at 08:55 PM
The traffic signal at Mill creek must be changed with left turn arrows and signal ahead warning lights with strobe lights on Rt222 east bound. Too many accidents already for rear end collisions. Truck prohibited signs on Cetronia Rd will help keep that road from being a nightmare and Upper Macungie- do you really need more warehouses? How about a village center with more restaurants?? The runoff from these warehouses are going to kill the Little Lehigh and the nightmare I spoke about in the 90's at a LMT meeting of Walmart will finally come true- a new river to the Little Lehigh with the Army Corps of Engineers channel at Walmart and flooding Spring Creek even deeper at Mill Creek Rd. Lets call the new river the " The Boondoggle Creek"
Carl W June 24, 2012 at 08:17 AM
Gee, these buildings will dure add to the sceneray, and the preservation of nature, in our community. Anyone else against the general plowing up of the Lehigh Valley, by destruction companies???
Carl W June 24, 2012 at 08:20 AM
Absolutely agree! It's long ovedue time to stop all this destruction!!!


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