Get Your Dog a License or Risk a $300 Fine

Find out where to get a dog license and how much it costs in Lehigh County

All dogs ages three months and older must have a license in the Keystone State. Owners of unlicensed dogs risk a $300 fine.

Here's the information you need to provide to get a license:

  • The owner's name, address and telephone number.
  • The dog's name, age, breed, sex and color.
  • Proof of age for senior citizens (65+)
  • Proof of neutering/spaying from a veterinarian's office, which lowers the license fee.

In Lehigh County, 2012 fees regular dog licenses are:

  • $8.45 for male or female dogs
  • $6.45 for neutered or spayed dogs
  • $6.45 for male or female dogs owned by senior citizens (65+)
  • $4.45 for neutered or spayed dogs owned by senior citizens (65+)

There is a 50-cent additional charge that must be paid if the license is purchased at one of the county's issuing agents

Lifetime licenses are sold ONLY at the Lehigh County Fiscal Office. Here are the fees:

  • $51.45 for male or female dogs
  • $31.45 for neutered or spayed dogs
  • $31.45 for male or female dogs owned by senior citizens (65+)
  • $21.45 for neutered or spayed dogs owned by senior citizens (65+)

Dog licenses can be purchased at the following Lehigh County locations:

  • The fiscal office is in Room 119 of the county government center at
 17 S. Seventh St., Allentown.
  •  , 925 Chestnut St., Emmaus (610-967-2289)
  • Buchin's Notary Service, 47 N. Walnut St., Macungie (610-966-5500)
  • Discount Pet Supply, 7150 Hamilton Blvd., Trexlertown
  • K-9 Kampus, 1855 Folk Rd., Fogelsville (610-285-6711)
  • , 201 N. Main St., Coopersburg (610-282-2358)
  • Lehigh County Humane Society, 640 Dixon St., 
  • Pet Supplies Plus, 1014 Union Blvd.,
  • Pet Supplies Plus, 2433 MacArthur Rd., Whitehall (610-432-2199)
  • Paul's Hardware, 2821 Rt. 309, Orefield
  • Boyer's Hardware, 130 Main St.,
Slatington (610-767-3162)
  • Blose's Market, 7070 Rt. 309, New Tripoli
  • Family Pet Shop, Westgate Mall,
2363 Schoenersville Rd., Bethlehem
Dogma January 10, 2012 at 02:45 AM
Mr Sentner: Enforcing licensing and control of dogs Enforcing kennel licensing and inspections Investigating dog bites Seizing and detaining any dog seen running at large Reimbursing individuals for dog-caused damage to livestock, poultry and domestic game birds Establishing and enforcing the quarantine of dogs in certain areas when required Funding counties and humane organizations to establish dog control facilities Providing educational services concerning dog ownership in Pennsylvania Enforcing the Pennsylvania Rabies Law
Robert Sentner January 10, 2012 at 01:29 PM
I can't ever remember any of the above here in our township of Upper Milford. And where was the enforcing and inspection for all those years with almost heaven ??? what is the money paid for used when my dogs get there rabies shot and recieve there tag ?? Don't even get me started on the seizing dogs running at large, the township was I think in a $7,000 dollar a year contract with the humane society for picking up of our stray dogs, so how does the licensing effect that, were the citizens being double billed ?? paying tax dollars and also a licensing fee that was for the same thing. I'm not against licensing, I am against paying for something and not recieving anything for it. Would love to hear some statictics of how much of this money made it back to Upper Milford. Nothing personal about you Dogma.
Frank Gadek January 10, 2012 at 11:48 PM
My understanding is that the dog license fees help to pay for dog law enforcement. But the amount of money obtained is a lot less than necessary. So it is important to get a dog license to help with dog enforcement. Check "Dog Rule" with Michelle Armstrong on WDVR-FM NJ radio station for more info. So much to learn, so short a life ! Frank - long time dog owner - best friends ever !
Gerri Wetherhold January 11, 2012 at 03:24 PM
I yearly, get my two Labradoodle females their licenses. I have yet to have to show proof of spaying or neutering. My girls too, are my very best friends. Laverne and Shirley place a smile on my face daily. I believe in what Mr. Sentner says. A lot of wisdom there.
Parkland Parent February 03, 2012 at 02:37 AM
What a joke, I see so many idiot pet owners letting dogs run free at the park and urinating all over the place, enforcement is useless. I tell you this, some dog comes near my kid at the park and I will put the dog in a new home. LEASH LAW PEOPLE.


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