Jaindl Equipment Blamed for Flooding Issues

The neighbor’s basement collects up to six inches of water during storms.

Citizen groups and individuals have been very vocal over the past few months whenever the subject turns to the 600 acres of farmland that David Jaindl wants to develop into industrial, commercial and residential tract.

The damage, they say, to the land, the environment and to individual property will be severe.

But consider even the alleged smaller tolls:

Mary Ann Kutish of 2575 Route 100, Macungie, requested assistance from the Lower Macungie Commissioners at the Aug. 18 meeting for a flooding issue caused by what she says is the result of workers at the David Jaindl farm across the street from her property.

She told the commissioners that when farm equipment and tractor trailers enter the property, they continue to wear down the berm and neglect to build it back up as was done in the past by the previous owners.

“I have lived here over 49 years and have never had a problem until last year,” she said.

“Now, when it rains for several days or very heavy, the water runs across the road and comes into the basement.”

Kutish told the commissioners she had four inches of water in the basement on March 7 and another six inches on July 8.  There has been water in the basement numerous other times, but those were the worst, she said.

“I’m worried about our furnace and water softner in the basement—if they get damaged,” she commented.

Because her property is not in a flood plain, Kutish said she cannot get flood insurance, and her homeowner’s insurance will not pay for damage to items in the basement.

In addition, her gravel driveway is now washing away, Kutish said, and she must continually purchase stone and fill in the eroded areas.

She has sent letters to Jaindl asking him to build up the berm to what  it should be, but he has not responded to her requests, she said.

The commissioners agreed this could be a safety issue with water rushing across the road.

“It could cause accidents with that amount of water crossing the street,” said Commissioner President Roger Reis.

Township Engineer William Erdman agreed.

“This could potentially be a major problem in the winter,” Erdman said.

Erdman and Bruce Fosselman, township manager, said they “will follow this up by going out to the site to see the situation and what can be done.”

Reis assured Kutish that the commissioners “will keep on top of this.”

MS August 19, 2011 at 08:19 PM
So basically we should see these commissioners out there within the hour when the rain starts and floods her basement again, or someone can record this with a video camera for future reference. Jaindl cares about one thing, himself
Friends for Protection LMT August 19, 2011 at 10:14 PM
Maybe the township can raise this concern with Mr. Jaindl at one of the confidential meetings with his lawyers? www.facebook.com/friendslmt
Lee August 20, 2011 at 11:35 AM
This is the just the beginning of what you can expect to see as the Township rolls over to support the major developers and ignore their constituents who elect them and actually pay for their employment!! No one is really considering the impact of these developments on sewage issues and flooding downstream from the developments becuase legally they do not have to even though ethically and morally , they should! The zoning laws are not supporting what is right for the community.
optimist August 21, 2011 at 02:11 AM
I object! That is confidential and privilaged! The township belongs to emperor Jaindl and his prime minister Zator. It should be called Lower Macungie fiefdom.


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