Leaf Collection Ends Nov. 30 in Lower Mac

Have your leaves ready Monday for the final collection, the township says.

With the end of November comes the end of leaf collection in Lower Macungie Township, according to an email bulletin send to residents last week.

"So that you do not miss the final collection in your area, we recommend that you have leaves raked out at the beginning of next week," it says.

The township's website gives further direction:

* Due to the different types of equipment we use, placement of leaves varies by neighborhood. Leaves must be raked to the edge of the road in Developments that do not have curbing.  

* In the following developments, leaves must be raked into long narrow rows, 3ft. wide and 3 ft. high, on the road surface, 18 inches from the edge of the road:
Brookside Villa, Winding Brook Manor, Ancient Oaks South, Shepherd Hills (West side of Krocks) Clear View Manor and Hidden Valley.  If your development does not appear on this list, rake your leaves to the edge of the road.

* For your safety and that of the Public - Leaf piles beyond 6 ft. from the edge of the road are a hazard to school buses, delivery vehicles, leaf equipment and parked vehicles and cannot be picked up.

Additionally, it says:

* Leaves not placed as described or leaves left around parked cars will not be removed.

* Do not mix dog waste, branches, twigs, rocks, shrubbery, grass clippings or plastic bags in with leaves.

* Do not place tarps over your leaves. 

* Curbside leaf collection does not apply to commercial/industrial properties, condominium developments, manufactured home communities, apartment developments or any other properties that are not part of the townships municipal trash collection.

If you wish to remove your leaves earlier or later than our scheduled pick up, take them to The Yard Waste Recycling Center.


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