Macungie Mayor Absent Again, No 24/7 Decision

Council president will write to the mayor to ask his decision.

Macungie Mayor Rick Hoffman was a no-show at Monday night's Borough Council meeting, as he was at the June 4 meeting, again making it impossible for the borough to move forward on the question of 24/7 police coverage.

However council, pressured by community members at the meeting, are hopeful they have found a way to solve the problem.

At its last meeting, council to Macungie Police Chief Edward Harry to fill the police schedule with 25 shifts per week.

Harry has said that 30 shifts provides the most complete coverage.

But though council has said it wants the mayor allow the police chief to increase the number of shifts he fills each week, the mayor made clear in a series of email messages that he wants fewer shifts filled with Macungie police officers.

Several taxpayers took the podium at the meeting to ask about the issue, and to ask why the mayor was not at the meeting.

"The mayor doesn't have to come to meetings if he doesn't want to," council member Linn Walker explained.

Resident John Long was incensed.

"[Mayor Hoffman] doesn't have enough respect to show up and explain why he doesn't want to [allow the 30-shift schedule].

"Is there anything we can do to get rid of him? He has done nothing for this borough. All he does is argue with council and the police department," Long said.

Long also asked council if, at any time since the past council meeting, there were any open shifts during which the borough was left without its own police protection.

"Nobody knows," said council member Linn Walker.

During the non-agenda portion of the meeting, Debra Cope officially addressed the issue and council decided that President Jean Nagle would write a letter to Mayor Hoffman and ask him to respond to council's suggestion that he increase the number of scheduled police shifts to 30 a week.

get real June 20, 2012 at 11:04 PM
We need more people with the same type of qualities as Debra Cope to get involved in Macungie.When good, decent people with morales, ethics and common sense choose to not get involved, then we get people like Rick Hoffman. Residents of Macungie, lets get some new blood and new ideas, stop waiting for someone else to do it, and or making excuses why you can't get involved.
get real June 20, 2012 at 11:11 PM
As for the Mayors absence from council meetings, i believe his brain has been absent for some time now, and now his body has decided to do the same.
MaryEllen Schueck June 21, 2012 at 11:16 AM
The Borough is lacking Leadership. Unfortunately for myself and all Borough residents, we are now suffering. Leadership does not involve the (an) individual but does involve a Leader leading a group of individuals, working together, with one vision or mission in mind. Who is serving the Borough and its residents and who is serving themselves? Residents, get out and VOTE! Our voices may not be heard or cared for at the Council Meeting but we do have rights and we can make some noise at election time.  Leadership combines ethical decision-making and ethical behavior that carries over in both the individual and an organizational context in which the leader can install upon his followers. Leaders are decision makers between what is right (or more right) in a particular situation as well as being able to determine what ought to be, while keeping one’s personal or organizational value system. Leadership must encompass ethical decision making, ethical behaviors and the assurance that the organization understands and practices their ethical codes. (The University of Nebraska at Omaha)
jncdd23 June 28, 2012 at 12:11 PM
I am so tired of being the butt of jokes from outside communities. I have lived in Macungie all my life and am appalled at the leadership of our council. I thought Guy Ramsey was a wishy washy president but now we have Jean Naugle, come on. It is time for her to step out of the picture as well. I was told that the Mayor could be removed from office if the safety of the town was put in jeopardy. Isn’t this newest police fight putting all of us in harm’s way? I don’t agree with everything that police force does, I do think they have been left to their own way of things for far too long. I commend Chief Harry that he picks up the slack when needed, but I don’t believe in his discipline tactics on his officer’s. Officer Bernhard is a menace to our community. He is nasty to little kids, he came driving so fast into the park during the Macungie School festival that he almost hit a child, and when children say hello to him in a convenience store he ignores them. He only puts on his friendly professional face when someone important is around. So I do believe that the police force needs some additional structure but the Mayor just takes it too far. Most of the council members are too involved in their I’m right attitude that they are not making any progress to restore this town to what it once was.
Honesty June 28, 2012 at 01:19 PM
I understand what you mean about restoring this town back to the way it was but I'm sure you'll agree we also need to move forward. With the right individuals on council there is a way to do both. However, we don't seem to have enough individuals that are willing to step up to the plate and run for council. We have 4 council seats and the mayor whose terms end next year. What we need to do is to get people to run for council who don't have personal agendas are are here to honestly represent our community and listen to the people. So I encourage, no challenge anyone of you who blog or write comments to please consider running for council. Many people in the past have gotten on council or most recently become Mayor by default and now look at what happened. Seriously, you can't change the people that are on council now. We need new people who have never served on council before and don't bring with them past resentments and form cliches. There's only one council member currently serving that's trying to do a good job but unfortunately one person can't make changes when the majority vote against it. We need people on council who are willing to listen to what's brought to the table and make the right decisions. Perhaps someone could post what an individual has to do to run for council because it's important to have their names on the primary ballet come spring of next year. That's how we're going to make a difference.


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