Macungie Police, Fire Respond to Dying Boy's Wish

Macungie Police Chief Edward Harry and Fire Chief Mike Natysyn gather cards, patches for Nathan Norman.

Toward the beginning of every Macungie Council meeting there is time built in for council members to praise or comment on any topic.

And during "Council Compliments, Complaints, Petitions and Appeals" at the Dec. 17 meeting, Council Member Debra Cope called council's attention to a recent Patch story about Nathan Norman, a six-year-old boy from Rustburg, Va., who has brain cancer.

The future does not look bright for the tyke, he takes great pleasure in anything related to police, firefighters or EMTs.

Cope was touched by the story and passed it along to Macungie Police and Fire officials to see if they wanted to help.

"Macungie Police Chief Ed Harry sent cards and patches from the Macungie Police Department, the Hazleton Police Department and from the Hazleton SWAT team.

"And Fire Chief Mike Natysyn enlisted 15 firefighters to send cards to the boy," Cope said.

Vic December 20, 2012 at 02:19 PM
I have to say when I read this about this little boy about a week or 2 ago in the news it broke my heart and I emailed it to my son whom is a FF.in Hamburg Pa. now and before that he was with Sta.39 in Berks Co. and thats where I was also for 17 years till I felt it was time for me to step down from fire fighting.I was a firemn for over 30 years and so loved helping others in time of need.After I read the article about this little boy I sent it to my son by email knowing he would act on it and get the word out and he did on his facebook and by word. Wgat I am trying to say even knowing I do not know or did I ever meet this little boy but felt I have to say Thankyou to all emergency depts for sending him what yous do and I am sure it gives him smiles everytime he gets things as depts.send to him.I know its not my position to say thank You all but what that sory did and the way it touched me I felt I wanted to say Thanks.
Honesty December 20, 2012 at 02:54 PM
Amen!! My family has generations of firefighters. I have good friends that are police officers and EMT's. So many times our first responders don't get the recognition they deserve. It takes a special person to do what they do on a daily basis. I can't imagine what was going through the minds of the first responders at Sandy Hook Elementary. I've been a resident of Macungie for over 20 years and would like to say thank you to Ms. Cope for having such a warm heart. I'd also like to thank our Fire and Police Depts. for helping to make this little boy's Christmas wish come true. What a blessing to hear such heartfelt acts of kindness especially during the holiday season.
Carl W April 12, 2013 at 02:22 AM
All that will hopefully help bring up that internal psychological & biological good that changes the direction to "he's getting better." Thanks to all involved, & maybe the rest of us could push some prayers. Believe in it or not, it's worth it if any chance it reverses this boy's cancer.


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