New Spring Creek Bridge to Open by Year's End

Church Lane Bridge will open after, officials say.

The new Spring Creek Road Bridge in Lower Macungie will open by the end of December -- weather permitting -- according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Township Engineer William Erdman read the letter sent to him by PennDOT at the township commissioners meeting Thursday.

Workers ran into some challenges along the way: the bridge was supposed to be finished in October.

But resident Mike Segal said at the Thursday meeting that in talking to the crew he learned there was some difficulty sinking the bridge supports, so it took longer. 

The recently refurbished Church Lane Bridge, which was closed as well so as not to absorb all of the traffic detoured from the Spring Creek Road Bridge, will remain closed for another while until the traffic redistributes, Erdman said.

Road-Con Inc. of West Chester, Chester County, is the general contractor on the Spring Creek project. The total cost is $2,618,314.

Rico December 14, 2012 at 04:20 PM
About time, I know officials said they had to close the church lane bridge at the same time due to the increased traffic it would receive. This was a major headache for residents in Ancient Oaks and off Spring Creek road.....why didn't they just complete the church lane bridge first........and leave spring creek open till it was done.
Jill Arruda December 19, 2012 at 03:58 PM
Is it done yet? Very aggravating for the whole time. they should have just done that whole intersection at once. Ancient Oaks has had to use Mill Creek and go thru the Giant/Redners parking lot for almost 2 years now. I bet if people were paid by the hour, it would have been done a whole lot quicker. I cant count how many times i drove by that project during normal working hours when the sun was shining to see absolutely no one there at all. Was this a union job? Will be grateful for the gas and time I will save when this is finally done! Merry Christmas Ancient Oaks! ...i hope...
Douglas Riley December 30, 2012 at 11:48 PM
Idiots keep claiming unforeseen circumstances delayed it. That is called poor planning in the real world. In this day and age all those issues would have been anticipated. Also I haved lived in a few countries (worked in 30) and that bridge would have been rebuilt in about two months. Previous commentor is correct- often no one worked on the bridge. Now they say another delay - mid Jan IF the weather permits (IF!)
Jill Arruda January 01, 2013 at 02:52 PM
Bridge was open on Friday afternoon. Drove by there at about 440pm, saw the workers standing around smoking cigarettes looking smug. My friend and I then realized 2 things; 1) Clearly a union job and they were just standing there until 500 came and they could move the barrels and sawhorses 2) Union guys don't want to work over the holiday weekend and it would be in their best interest to finally wrap this mess up. On the up side, THE BRIDGE IS OPEN!!!!! And my commute, along with many others, I suppose, has been significantly decreased. Happy New Year, Ancient Oaks!


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