Proposed 2013 Macungie Budget Provides Money for Streets, Other Infrastructure

Macungie Borough makes plans to spend $2.2 million in 2013.

Macungie Borough Council rolled out and passed a $2.2 million preliminary budget at its Dec. 3 meeting that supports the borough's infrastructure through various projects planned for 2012.

Highlights were described by Councilman Christopher Becker who, thoughout the year, spent hours analyzing, planning and canvassing fellow council members on the best ways to spend the borough's money in 2013 and to try to avoid anything resembling the struggle with the 2012 budget.

Some of the planned expenditures from the borough's general fund in proposed 2013 budget include:

* A 1.7 percent increase for the teamsters contract which is still in negotiations.

* $10,000 for engineering services for the development of Lumber Street.

* A new police car to replace car #702, a 2002 Chevrolet.

* 5 computers for the Macungie Police Department

* More than $180,000 for street maintenance

* $5,000 for business revitalization.

* A generator for Borough Hall

Other points of interest:

* The borough hopes to sell the 2002 police car for at least $2,500.

* Funding to the Emmaus Library will be cut by $1,000 but is still more than the state mandated per capita contribution.

* The borough has two fewer employees this year than last: one office staff member and one maintenance staff worker.

* The Macungie Fire Department budget stayed the same at $40,000.

* Workers' pensions cost the borough more this year because money previously contributed by the state is not coming through.

If passed as proposed, Macungie's 2013 budget will NOT result in a real estate tax increase. However, there will be an increase in the sewer rates for next year.

The proposed budget is on display for the required 10 business days at Borough Hall and on the Borough of Macungie website.

Chris Becker December 05, 2012 at 03:25 PM
It would not be appropriate to not mention the effort that was additionally put forth by Chris Boehm the Borough Manager. This is essentially her Budget and we on Council get to decide if all the pieces fit and ultimately approve it. Chris does an excellent job for the Borough as well as the colleagues of the Public works, Police and Administration departments and by all the input by my fellow Council persons. They are all working together to do their best for the residents of the Borough. It is absolutely my pleasure to work with all the departments and enjoy their corroboration; we are a good working local government.
Mariella Savidge December 05, 2012 at 06:26 PM
You are right, Chris. I was remiss in not quoting what you said about Chris Boehm being "careful and knowledgeable" with and about taxpayers' money. Thank you for bringing that up!


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