Ron Beitler Announces Run for Lower Macungie Commissioner

Primary election to be held May 21

Republican Ron Beitler, 34, a business owner and lifelong resident of Lower Macungie Township, announced earlier this week in a written release that he is running for one of the three commissioner's seats that will be open in the fall.

Beitler is a graduate of Emmaus High School, and he graduated from Slippery Rock University with a degree in political science.

Over the past two years, he has served on various local community boards: he chairs the Friends for Protection of Lower Macungie Township, a smart growth advocacy group, and he is on the executive board of LMT Citizens for Change.

Beitler is a co-owner of Bar None Weddings & Entertainment in Macungie, a small business that provides wedding and commercial films, photography and entertainment services for businesses, weddings and special events.

"My commitment is to continue advocacy for positive solutions making sure the residents of Lower Macungie have a clear alternative representing sound land use planning, smart growth principles and transparency in government. I hope to earn their support in the May 2013 Republican Primary," he said in the release.

Beitler invites voters to learn more about him and the issues at hand at www.ronbeitler.com.

Alburtis Parent January 11, 2013 at 02:47 AM
For Michele K (Part One) My, my my. These comments you have posted cannot be from a real, concerned resident of the township. You trifle over the several thousand dollars that LMT had to spend for this legal case versus the volumes of “your” money LMT will HAVE TO SHELL OUT to build a new high school, a new middle school, more elementary schools, pay for school busing services, future road and traffic studies and remedies, etc, etc ? And by the way, it was not a legal case regarding whether a quarry was a viable alternative to a warehouse. I am shocked that a resident such as yourself could be so grossly misinformed. LMT spent that money to defend the fact that they failed to be transparent with their soon-to-be affected community when they mishandled the Jaindl land re-zoning. In a nutshell, they conducted secret meetings without proper notice to the public, and then rendered a decision to re-zone in Jaindl’s favor. That is not how the government of where you live should handle the affairs important to the community, their quality of life, and the value of their real property. And…it would seem to me that if you truly are a resident, you would be much more horrified by the thought of what your real estate and school taxes will look like if the current plan continues to proceed to develop and build a warehouse, a strip mall and hundreds of new housing units.
Alburtis Parent January 11, 2013 at 02:49 AM
For Michele K (Part Two) And for that matter, Michele K where in LMT do you ACTUALLY live? Do you live within sight of the Jaindl property of which we speak? Additionally, have YOU ever been to, or even lived near, a quarry? I live within a stone’s throw of the Jaindl property we speak of. Also, I grew up in a small, suburban town that had a large, successful, residential-friendly quarry operation. This quarry was not a blight on my hometown. It was a productive, contributing industry that made great use of the land ~ it was not a drain on land or community. This quarry even paved and watered/machine-cleaned the streets daily as part of it’s terms of use of the town steets it‘s trucks accessed to transit the quarry. By the way, none of my friends were EVER hit by a dump truck, nor blown up by the dynamite they used to blast at the mountain area that WE used for recreation purposes. We lived peacefully, together. And it is noteworthy to mention that this quarry is still in operation today which means that its lifespan exceeds 56 years of operation. Since I have life experience with quarries AND I stand to be affected by what Jaindl ultimately does to develop this property, I can tell you this: I would much prefer Jaindl build a quarry in my backyard, than the aforementioned warehouse/strip mall/housing nightmare!
Alburtis Parent January 11, 2013 at 02:50 AM
For Michele K (Part Three) I find your comments about quarry trucks, noise and danger to be seriously misinformed. Warehousing alone will bring just as many trucks, noise and danger. And you forgot to factor the ADDITIONAL cars, noise and danger that the strip mall and housing units will bring to this tiny, inaccessible area. Oh…by the way…have you driven down Alburtis Road lately? Or should I say, crawled down it behind tons of tractor trailers? Are you even aware of the warehouses just recently completed, and those just recently built along Alburtis Road? It is frightening to watch a tractor trailer try to turn the corner at the Shell Gas station after school when the kids are out walking home on the sidewalks! LMT hasn’t done anything to address the mess they’ve already created with just these few warehouses tucked away on the border of LMT & Alburtis. And you think adding more to this would be the wise choice??? Come on down and meet me at the Shell, I’ll buy ya a cup of coffee so we can sit and watch the accidents as they unfold before your very eyes.
Ron Beitler January 11, 2013 at 03:03 AM
Thanks Ted, I appreciate that!
Michele K January 11, 2013 at 04:52 PM
Dear Alburtis Resident: I am an LMT resident. You are not. Thanks for sharing your opinion, but it doesn't really make a difference to me. You have shown YOU are not aware of facts. If you call Beitler impartial, you just tipped your hand. I have experience with quarries, and I would rather have a warehouse than a quarry any day. No, I will not tell you where I live, as is my right, and your demand otherwise is ridiculous. Yes, I do drive through where the warehouses are. I don't think a little slow traffic is worth someone suing the township over. I'm sorry you have so little faith in experienced truck drivers, but that's your opinion.


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