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Tea Party Speaker Says Privatize Public Schools

Author tells Lehigh Valley Tea Party that public school system should be dismantled.

An audience of about 100 gathered at this month's Lehigh Valley Tea Party meeting to see Andrew Bernstein, author of “Capitalist Solutions: A Philosophy of American Moral Dilemmas,” published in October by Transaction Publishers, give his book talk and lecture “Free Market Education” Friday evening at the in Palmer Township.

Bernstein claims there has been a “horrific decline in educational quality since 1850” and says the public school system should be abolished in favor of private, for-profit educational institutions.

“Almost 90 percent of American children are forced to attend abysmal public schools,” he said. “Our education system is in a shambles.”

Taxes make it impossible for many to send their children to private schools because they can't afford to pay twice for their children's education, he said.

“Public education is government schooling. Do you want to trust the government with the schooling of your children? I think not,” Bernstein said.

Public schools lack educational quality because they are “funded with wealth taken coercively, in a manner more like Nazis, communists and Islamists” and therefore do not have to compete for students or tuition dollars, he said.

“This is what the [public] school system does,” Bernstein said. “We have to get our children's minds out of the hands of those government schools and that evil teachers union — those freakin' Commies...They're more supporters of the Communist Party, just like all Democrats. They must be crushed.”

He said the more “market-like” or profit driven private schools are the most successful.

“Private schools are academically superior to public schools,” Bernstein said. “They have to earn their customers and money. If they want to do that, they have to compete...They have to be significantly better than public schools...The practical solution is to totally privatize all government schools.”

Bernstein suggested existing public school buildings should be auctioned off to the highest private bidder, and free public schools could be phased out over a five-year transition period.

“Property and income and sales taxes should be repealed,” he said—with the money, parents would be free to send their children to private schools. “Anyone who sends their kids to private school should not have to pay tax, sales tax, property tax, or whatever funds schools.”

Poverty, he added, would not be a barrier if free public education no longer existed, as private schools would undoubtedly let “worthy poor students” attend anyway through scholarships.

“The few families [that could not afford to educate their children privately] would find no shortage of scholarships and charities,” Bernstein said, adding, “The socialist mentality is, 'only the rich will be educated and the poor won't be.' Well, that's the way it is today.”

Additionally, private, for-profit schools would be able to offer more choices for parents than public school does when it comes to curriculum, moral values and future educational and vocational opportunities for their children, he said.

“These solutions are moral because they protect individual rights,” Bernstein said. “Capitalism is the only solution that is both practical and moral in our day.”

careless fills December 06, 2011 at 01:56 PM
You might think you have great schools, but is your community as heterogeneous economically or ethnically as allentown, bethlehem area, or easton area?
Barbara Walters December 06, 2011 at 07:22 PM
Our local Tea Party is a educational group and isn't it interesting that our meeting has generated so much thought and comments on this topic. As a group we do not necessarily agree with everything our speakers say, we use them as a teaching tool so our folks can make up their own minds. We also have a Q&A after each speaker so if someone disagrees they can ask why the speaker feels the way he/she does and then state their opposition to their point of view. We do not endorse any candidates nor party, we just get people to put on their thinking caps.
Frediano December 07, 2011 at 04:16 PM
Education is primarily taken, not given. It is at most well offered. In America -- even in the unfairly maligned Allentown School District -- education is well offered. Jefferson saw the absolute dependency of maintaining a free republic on education. There is no freedom without an intellectual foundation for freedom, and way before defense of our political context justifies the funding of permanent, standing armies, a rational justification for public education is found. But, those institutions are abusable, and have been somewhat over-run, just as all of our institutions of state have been over-run, long before we were born.
Frediano December 07, 2011 at 04:28 PM
A movement based on frustrated religionists was sweeping the world over a century ago. Those frustrated religionists, unhappy with the 'progress' being made by Jesus' mission on earth by classical religion, sought a more muscular, aggressive stealth religion not so easily cowed by our 1st Amendment based separation of church and state. Scott Nearing publised 'Social Religion' twice at the turn of the last century: once as a crusading religionist, and once as a crusading socialist. It was the same book. Globally, totalitarian leaning competitors assessed our open borders, our totally open campuses, and our complete lack of a police state, and knew exactly what choke points of indoctrination to readily target in America; the Ivies, with their disproportionate influence not only on the machinery of state, but on the faculties of other universities. They have been mandrels of thought ever since they were over-run, decades ago, and have long become self-propagating factories of that same global movement anathema to individual freedom. Fabianism/Progressivism/Socialism/Communism/Marxism... it is all 'Social Scientology' -- the vampire religion that can never speak its name in the light of day, lest it be properly identified as the religion defined by : "S"ociety=God and the state is its proper church. Its enemy on earth is individual freedom, and its acolytes understood exactly what institutions of freedom needed to be over-run to advance the cause.
I Am Knowledge December 07, 2011 at 05:25 PM
This is all about not wanting to accept the bell curve. Some kids are really really smart. They do great in public schools, take AP courses, get college credits, become doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, etc. They you have the less gifted kids. They don't do as well... why? They're less gifted. Then you have the dim kids. Nothing will help here, they are dim. THE BELL CURVE. It's always existed, it always will. I am knowledge...


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