Jaindl Lawsuit May Be Coming To An End

A few weeks ago, David Jaindl willingly reduced the intensity of portions of his massive one square mile development project in an attempt to address resident concerns.

A few weeks ago, David Jaindl reduced the intensity of parts of his massive one square mile development project in an attempt to address resident concerns. This resulted in 'Plan B'. For that I thank him. Still the intensity of warehousing is roughly the same, and remains my main concern since this generates far more tractor trailer traffic then any other comparable use including a quarry. For this reason I still have major concerns and will advocate to see that these concerns are addressed during the land development phase.

That being said I have no doubt in my mind that in the absence of the lawsuit construction would already have begun on 'Plan A' as originally negotiated by the Board of Commissioners. As we approach the end of litigation in light of Judge Varricchio's recent puzzling decision to force a bond it's clear the appellants and the community can no longer stop the injustice of overturning 23 years of agricultural protected farmland. But, in the end we did accomplish something significant. Reducing of portions of the development is a major improvement. Reductions in intensity, total number of housing units, landscaped berms, and moving the park to a better location are all improvements. 

Plan 'B' is clearly better then plan 'A'. I'm proud of my association with the appellants and the "Friends" group. I'm proud these groups and those who supported them were able to get the residents voices heard.

Moving forward I plan to do everything in my power to ensure the voters know and understand that there were other options. We made the best of a crummy situation our Commissioners put us in. The Commissioners could have stood their ground and fought for 23 years of agricultural protection. They could have negotiated a better alternative in the first place. They could have allowed a small quarry instead of warehousing. Litigation and money spent fighting residents could have been avoided. Any of these options would have been a better alternative and more in tune with the what the community wanted.

At the end of the day these commissioners were completely out of touch with the public and totally responsible for this terrible situation. The May 21st contested Republican primary in the upcoming election will be a referendum on the development decisions made by Ron Eichenberg, Roger Reis and Ryan Conrad. 

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LoMac Res March 09, 2013 at 02:06 AM
The people of Lower Macungie and surrounding communities need to understand something clearly: Warehouse developers and owners, and property owners who sell to them are profiting at our expense. How so? Warehouses, in aggregate and over time, decrease property values. That means less equity in our homes and businesses over time. Warehouses also put truck traffic (and wear and tear) on our highways. High truck traffic also decreases property values. Warehouses take up land that might otherwise be used for higher-value development (that brings more and better jobs) or simply for green space or farmland.
ron March 09, 2013 at 05:22 AM
Who cares? Well people that care about the township care. And i dont see how anyone that reads Ron Beitlers posts could possibly think of him as an elitist with a "I know better than anyone else " attitude. As far as bashing the BOC. Holy crap, is it even humanly possible to talk about them without bashing them. LOL. When Jaindl and other developers say jump the BOC says how high and should we do somersaults on the way down. When Jaindl first came to them they should have grown a set "if you know what i mean" and said we need to step back take a deep breath and think about this. Instead they caved to his every whim. I guess if you want to rob the BOC you dont need to wave a gun at them, just wave a photo of a quarry. Why did they fail to negotiate? Why do they do the things they do? Are they on the Jaindl payroll? Do the realtors see more money comming their way by allowing these developments? Are they really that incompetent? Do they just not care? I dont know the answer but i do know that Lower Macungie needs a change and electing Ron Beitler would be a step in the right direction. Well i could go on talking about why they planted trees in right of ways or why they allowed a walking school to be built without adequate cross walks or for crying out loud, without even the yellow flashing lights on a school zone sign like every other school in the state has. but like i said before bashing them is just to easy so i guess ill just say good night.
Robert Sentner March 09, 2013 at 06:53 PM
Adam really ???? let me guess you have not lived here all your life. that can be the only answer, because those of us who have lived here all our lives can't stand the way the current group of realtor / kings / boc's have destroyed "OUR" community. For you to slam Ron Beitler for speaking out against them shows the lack of knowledge you have about the issue. That or you like looking at 53' tractor trailers, and 30' high concrete walls over farmland.
Broughaha March 11, 2013 at 12:10 AM
I completely agree! I'm hopeful that in coming elections, voters will be very clear about what they want: commissioners who will fight for their constituents, and stop proliferation of these warehouses that provide very few jobs and strain the land and roads. Lower Macungie will undoubtedly continue to grow because it has great schools, reasonable taxes, and lovely scenery. Responsible growth will benefit the community, but warehouses will not. It's also an interesting point that Jaindl agreed to amend his unpopular plan even when our own commissioners hardly put up a fight.
Michael D Siegel March 14, 2013 at 11:29 PM
Ron and to the citizens of LMT: I am so disgusted with the amount of litter along Church Ln, Rt 100 at Spring Creek Rd and along Mill Creek Rd. The illegal signs posted on the utility poles are not being removed by PPL or the township and the plastic recyclables blowing out garbage trucks and recycle bins and from the shopping center dumpsters are everywhere. The illegal temporary signs along Rt 100 and the non-paved truck driveway at Rt 100 and Spring Creek Rd spreading mud and stone throughout the intersection. What does our enforcement officers do during the day? Do we need to hire more? My point is the quality of life issues that make this township a desirable place to live our starting to go to hell in a hand basket. Debris along the Spring Creek Rd which blows into the creek is getting out of hand and is going into our park system. No more waiting until the township receives a written complaint, just have your staff enforce what you observe as a quality of life issue. Littering, illegal signs, not maintaining structures, not mowing lawns and illegal junk storage should not need a written complaint. Ron make this happen when you are elected. Thank you


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