What Happened to Macungie's Downtown Master Plan?

In December of 2010 Macungie Borough completed a downtown master plan. Whatever happened to the plan?

In December of 2010 Macungie Borough completed a downtown master plan. Urban Research & Design, the same firm recently contracted by Lower Macungie Township to develop a comprehensive 'smart growth plan' was the firm that worked with the Borough on the plan. 

Click here to view the 2010 plan

I went to a couple meetings at the tail end of this project. At the time my business partners and I were actively looking for a place to move our studio to. Personally, I was very much wedded to a space on Main Street in the Borough. I was very excited about the possibility of the borough implementing some of the ideas in the plan. We did end up renting space on Main Street We're currently looking to buy a permanent home for the business

Since these meetings I have heard very little about the plan. I've seen a couple recommendations implemented here and there, but none of the sorely needed large scale items. I've asked officials if there are any plans to explore the recommendations. It seems as if current officials are completely uninterested. The revitalization committee has since disbanded.

It's a shame really, there are some great recommendations in this plan, particularly the essential traffic calming measures for Main Street.

Everyone I talk to agrees that Main Street needs to be more of a place you go to, instead of just a place you drive through. Traffic calming and other street scape improvements are step 1. 

So I ask, whats up with this plan now? Take a couple minutes to check it out at the link above. What do you think about it's goals and recommendations? Are they worthwhile investments for the borough?

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Dave May 23, 2012 at 11:50 AM
I can tell everyone exactly what hppened to the plan. Rick Hoffman, that's what happened. Our childish "mayor" with his third grade schoolyard spat with the police have been so all consuming to the council and (embarrassing) to the rest of the town, the plan has been shelved. Hopefully the next Mayor will be a real Mayor and work for the town and it's residents, not just for his own cry baby agenda. Even more hopefully we'll have a council that is united in it's efforts to improve Macungie, not just united in it's efforts to avoid public comment and questions and borough meetings.
Robert Sentner May 23, 2012 at 12:07 PM
Ron all the little towns, boros, and municipalities are broke. Thats what happened. We have been unfunded mandated to death, regulated to death and enviormentally killed. There is no money to do anything but the absolute basics. really ashame because there is some great plans out there, but realistically they will never get done. And in Macungie you have Mayor Hoffman that has cost 1000's of dollars that could have been used for much better things than puffing up his own agenda.
Ron Beitler May 23, 2012 at 04:01 PM
Did you know: 1. 70% of first-time sales at restaurants and retail shops, come from curb appeal. Think about these phrases: “That looks like a nice place to eat.” Or, “That looks like a nice place to stay.” Virtually every person on the planet has said those words at least once, if not dozens of times. You can spend millions of dollars marketing a town or downtown, and none of that will make me – the visitor – walk through your shop’s door. This is a partnership between the borough in our case and the merchant. Beautification, or curb appeal, is an investment with a TREMENDOUS return. Macungie borough has SO MUCH potential. We just need to focus and quit getting distracted by sideshows.
One who cares May 24, 2012 at 05:37 PM
And when one business puts a beautiful mural on the side of their building, they get harassed and purposely misled by borough manager Chris Boehm!
get real May 24, 2012 at 10:49 PM
Unless there are changes in the leadership of council and the borough manager, i would suspect that any benefits that would come from the downtown master plan will only be realized by those with the proper last names, members of the Macungie "clique" and their sheeple.


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